Product Features

Starting to work with FollowDigits, you will get a powerful tracking platform, a unique analytics tool
FD CUBE and all the necessary marketing tools in one place.

Tracking of all types of desktop and mobile advertising campaigns.

Tracking of advertising campaigns in Google Adwords, Facebook, Yandex Direct, OK, VK.

Tracking of installations of mobile applications and internal events.

Integration with advertising networks, CRM, multi-step landing pages.

Click profile scan: device parameters, country, Internet provider.

HTTPS support (activated on demand).

Tracking Platform

Tracking Platform Learn more

Own tracking SDK for iOS and Android applications.

Tracking of application installations and their attribution to advertising campaigns.

Tracking of internal events: opening, registration, authorization, purchase.

Ability to notify the advertising network about application installations.

Tracking SDK and Mobile Attribution

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Unique PROGRESSIVE TRACKING technology of FollowDigits.

Designed specifically for tracking advertising campaigns in Google Adwords, Yandex Direct, Facebook, OK, VK.

Applies where standard tracking links are banned due to the redirect function.

Activated automatically without additional settings.

Progressive Tracking

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Unique tool for analytics FD CUBE of FollowDigits.

Unparalleled deep analysis capabilities.

Ability to make slices for any combination of data types.

Performance evaluation for 100 or more indicators, including costs, profit and ROI.

Support for profit calculations for business models Affiliate and Direct advertiser.

Real-time statistics and unlimited number of reports.

Data storage for up to 2 years.

Analytics FD CUBE

Analytics FD CUBE Learn more

An irreplaceable tool for displaying the actual situation in real time.

Required for studying your customer lifetime value (LTV).

Report on the first event date

Report on the first event date Learn more

Audit of advertising campaign churning surcharge.

Audit of advertising campaign targeting settings.

Audit of data by IP addresses.

Tool for controlling the daily budget limit.

Audit Tools

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Support for business models: affiliate and direct advertiser.

Setup of account's time zone and currency.

Management of account users and their roles.

Help mode for learning the platform.

Customizable summary report on the home page.

Using up to three custom domains for the tracker.

Adaptable Account

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Import of costs and statistics from web publisher or advertising network.

Option to import conversions, sales and returns.

Option to remove erroneous data from the business intelligence (BI) database.

Support for all numeric and monetary formats, as well as all date formats.

Data Import Panel

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Tools for optimizing and managing advertising campaigns.

Single format of tracking link for any type of advertising campaign.

One-time A/B testing of up to four landing pages.

Advertising Campaigns

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Integrated Partners

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Panel for adding creative, mobile applications and landing pages.

Possibility to use multi-step landing pages.

Goal setting for each page and automation of the user flow.

Supported landing page types: lead generation, redirection, download of mobile application.

Presets for quick addition of segments to advertising campaigns.

Merger of creatives into concepts to analyze their success based on results.

Creative Stock

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