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Why choose FollowDigits?

The tracking platform FollowDigits helps to track all desktop and mobile advertising campaigns, to identify profitable traffic sources, to analyze the effectiveness of the conversion funnel and to evaluate the results of advertising campaigns in real time.
To Affiliates
Increase your revenue by revealing the best traffic for each offer.
To Media Buyers
Make your advertising campaigns more effective than ever.

Our Benefits

Tracking Platform

FollowDigits is a powerful tracking platform that allows you tracking statistics for all types of desktop and mobile advertising campaigns.

Tracking SDK and Mobile Attribution

Our tracking SDK for iOS and Android will track all installations of your mobile applications, and the attribution module will attach them to the corresponding advertising campaigns.

Progressive Tracking

Unique PROGRESSIVE TRACKING technology of FollowDigits is specifically designed to track statistics for advertising campaigns in Google Adwords, Yandex Direct, Facebook, OK, VK.

Analytics FD CUBE

FD CUBE of FollowDigits is a built-in analytics tool with unparalleled deep analysis capabilities. Over 50 data types and 100 performance indicators. Unlimited reports.

Secure Cloud Solution

The tracking platform FollowDigits stores your data in a safe cloud and is ready to work right after the account is opened and requires no additional settings.

Integrated Partners

We are constantly expanding the list of integrated advertising networks, СРА networks, platform affiliates and CRM, providing you with the maximum automation of the operating procedure.
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